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Title: Why Us

We pride ourself on the quality of our ideas and our service. And we produce individual solutions to meet individual needs.

This is reflected by how we operate. We combine existing staff with the skills and expertise of freelancers, this not only means that we're not saddled with large overheads, but we can source the right people to work on the right job.

Of course, if you're looking for a big publishing house, with impressive offices, and overheads and fees to match, then we're not the company for you. However, if you want a more personal service with input from publishing professionals who've held senior positions and have spent a number of years in the industry, then you should talk to us. And, the people you talk to at the pitch are the ones that'll work on your business - not someone that only reappears at the Christmas lunch!

We're also privately-owned, with all the equity held by the management. This independence means that we can devote our time to our clients, rather than be deflected by the needs of any external owners.

Many other companies may say the same - and probably would also do a good job for you. We can only comment on what we offer and we know that we deliver inspiration, commitment and an excellence of service to the clients we have - along with a good degree of success.

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Example Publication Cover
Example Publication Cover
Example Publication Cover