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Title: Welcome

We're a customer magazine publisher and can offer a full publishing service or à la carte - you decide. This encompasses newsletters, magazines and brochure work - both in a printed and electronic format.

The full service covers initial ideas, through to developing the concept, writing and designing the issue and then taking it into repro, printing and fulfilment. And we'll sell ads, arrange competitions and reader offers along the way - should that be required too.

With more than 20 years' experience in customer publishing, the team at BlueStone truly understand how to maximise the commercial benefits of having your own publication.

We believe that our publications are well-designed, with high production values - but never lose sight that we need to deliver tangible results for the investment you're making.

We also recognise that there are a myriad of objectives that your own publication can meet. Such as a desire to increase your industry presence, help to retain existing customers, sell further products and services to them, or win new customers.

In short, we're confident that we can give you a decent return on your investment, whatever your objectives.

Russell Lewis
Managing Director

Example Publication Cover
Example Publication Cover
Example Publication Cover
Example Publication Cover