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Title: Services
Here's a checklist of what we offer.

Marketing ideas
We'll work with you to develop the most effective publication for your needs and we'll help you to research it as well.

Editorial and Design
We understand how to write and construct an effective publication, whether it's a 4 pager, or a 100 pager. Although most of our work is now with lower pagination issues, as we believe people have too little time these days to read lengthy tomes and they also view the sponsoring company as being profligate if they send out a large pagination issue.

Promotions and revenue sources
If it's appropriate, we can source reader offers and competition prizes. And also sell revenue generators such as ads and inserts.

Production and printing
We apply rigorous checks to the copy and layout as it progresses through the publishing process and maintain high production values throughout.

We can either deliver the issues to the client, or handle the data, covering letter, polywrap or envelope and then distribute into the postal system.

Service, Service, Service
This underpins everything that we do. We won't let you down. We keep you in the loop, and ensure that there are no nasty surprises and give you access to the job throughout the whole process. And, once we agree a budget - we stick to it - no nasty surprises there either!

Example Publication Cover
Example Publication Cover
Example Publication Cover
Example Publication Cover