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Title: Testimonials
Don't just listen to us, here are a few quotes...

“This week I have had: four print jobs go wrong, three print jobs that failed to turn up on time (or at all in one case), an unexpectedly large credit card bill, and to cap it all, some bxxxxxd put a dent in my car!

And so it is with great pleasure, not to mention relief, that I find a very attractive copy of OneStop - published with great professionalism and attention to detail - sitting on my desk this afternoon.

Thank you very much indeed for delivering an excellent product, on time, on brief and on budget. I am looking forward to the next hassle-free publication.”
Christian Lennon, The Mortgage Operation
(This may have been written back in March 2002 by Christian - who has since moved on - but remains our firm favourite. Incidentally, at that stage, we were only involved on publishing and printing OneStop for them - honest!)

“All in all, I've probably earned 6,000 so far.”
Laura Stonard, Lifetime Value
(Bought 200 personalised copies of The Mortgage customer newsletter)

“As the largest international consolidator of printed magazines, books and journals in the UK, we deal with a considerable number of publishing companies. So it's important that we send out a professional-looking client publication. With that in mind, we turned to BlueStone when we wanted to radically improve the writing style, quality of design and effectiveness of our existing title.

I believe we've achieved this and now that we're on our eighth issue with them, the publication continues to improve to reflect and meet our customer needs.”
Steve Brooks, Group Marketing & Business Development Manager, Mercury International

“We had a proposition that we needed to present to brokers as quickly as possible. As part of this activity, a brochure was required for both a general mailing and to support the seminars we'd arranged. As BlueStone work with us on our newsletters, they already understood our business - and were able to produce a first-class brochure in a very short space of time.

It has certainly helped to explain our proposition to brokers, many of whom commented on the professional look of the brochure and the clear writing style. I'm sure it's contributed to the excellent levels of take-up we've already had for this proposition - with new brokers signing up every week.”
Adrian Stahl, Marketing Manager, The Mortgage Operation and Mortgage and Loan Group

Example Publication Cover
Example Publication Cover
Example Publication Cover
Example Publication Cover