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Title: The Mortgage Newsletter: Sample Issue

The Spring 2020 issue is available now. And, if wanted, you can have an alternative cover date.

Click here to download/view the promotional PDF of this issue.

Sample Pages

In this issue:

Whatever you may think of the election result, we now have some clarity around Brexit and the political path being taken. With this degree of certainty, many clients may now decide to simply get on with their plans, and we cover this and other key triggers in this issue:

This issue covers the following key triggers:
Marketplace & Mortgage deals - the deals are still good, but prices are creeping up, which may make some want to act, particularly those on SVRs.
Take Advice - we set out where you can help.
Credit Rating - convey the importance of being on top of this.
Protection Myths - what the public think may happen to them in their working life, is not what the facts show, highlighting the importance of taking out IP and CIC cover.
SVR - with at least 1.6m sitting on their SVR, there are big savings to be made if they take up a deal rate.
Buy-to-Let - we flag that despite the plethora of rules and tax issues, there are plenty of positives to consider in the Private Rented sector.
Self-Employed - this group represents almost 5m people, yet faces a number of hurdles in order to secure a mortgage - so they need help.
First-Time Buyers - highlighting all the support that's in place for them, and where you can help.

We comment throughout on the importance of seeking professional financial advice.

The newsletter will help get your message out there by keeping your name front of mind. This will assist client retention - as losing the lifetime value of a client could equate to £4,000 or more. And it will help you to motivate the easier to place business to act within your client bank and prospect base.