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Title: The Mortgage Newsletter: Costs
Example Newsletter Cover

You can purchase the newsletter in either an electronic and printed format, or even take both versions.

Electronic version
The PDF file will be sent as one document, split into 4-6 single A4 colour pages, with your personalisation details on both the front cover and back page.

Cost: Only £85 per issue for a 4 page version (published 4 times a year).

5 and 6 page pdf files are also available, at an extra cost.

The basic electronic PDF version is ok for printing off on office printers, emailing to clients or linking to your own website. Copyright does not extend to sending the PDF file to an external printer, and file anyway, is only 10% of required size.

Printed version
This will be in a 4 page, A4, full colour format with your personalisation details on both the front cover and back page.

Cost: Just £249. Based on a minimum print run of 200 copies and includes bulk delivery to one UK address
Regular price for 200 copies is £249, representing an introductory discount of 20%.

There is a run-on cost of £30 per 50 extra copies (e.g. £249 for 200 copies and £279 for 250 copies).

If you take both the Electronic and Printed versions
It's half price for the electronic version.

More tailored versions
We now offer a corporate colour up service where all pages are coloured up to reflect your logo colours and brand identity. This adds £30 for the PDF file, and £100 if taking the printed copies (due to the dedicated print set-up).
You could also include your own front page item, or even influence all the issue copy. Prices on application for this service.

Inclusion of company logo
If your logo can be provided electronically, it can be included for FREE in colour for the PDF version, or FREE if it appears in black or greyscale for the printed version. If you want to include it in colour on the printed versions - then it will cost an extra £50 per issue.

Email template set-up
An extra £125 to create and tailor the emailer for an adviser firm. This is designed to work alongside the PDF file.