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Title: The Mortgage Newsletter: Electronic or Printed?
Example Newsletter Cover

Electronic version
The PDF can be used to:
Email out to clients, etc.
Post on your website.
Print off on your office printers.
(Although you'll have to staple together the 4 pages, and if you print off more than 50-100 copies, it's probably more cost-efficient to use our printed version - which will also deliver a more professional finish)

Copyright does not extend to sending the PDF file to an external printer, and file anyway, is only 10% of required size.

HTML email set-up
This route will allow you to show elements of the newsletter within the email itself.
The email would be corporately coloured up to reflect your brand identity and include your logo, along with your own newsletter cover page image.
The most effective way to use it, is for it to work alongside the PDF file which would be posted on your website and all click links would drive clients to it.
It can also provide 'open' and 'click' data once the email is sent, to aid any follow-ups.
Ask to see an example.

Printed version
This is printed on good quality paper stock and 70% of brokers opt for this version.

The printed issue can be used to:
Mail out to clients and prospects.
Door-drop copies in a key target area.
Hand over as a leave-behind following a client meeting.
Distribute in areas such as waiting rooms, solicitors offices and estate agents.

Included within the cost is delivery to one designated UK address.